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Real-world success begins with real-world learning

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At BW, You Learn By Doing

Real-world success begins with real-world learning. Advance your knowledge and skills, help organizations develop, build connections, and learn from dynamic professionals who will mentor you along the way.

Personable and approachable, our professors are well-connected corporate executives, innovative thought leaders, industry consultants, and published scholars who focus on hands-on, experience-based learning — going beyond books and lectures to prepare tomorrow’s professionals and strengthen today’s managers to be successful and strategic leaders.

Powerful & Proven Business Degree

At every Fortune 500 company with a presence in Northeast Ohio, there is a BW grad leading teams and managing growth. Our strong network is a testament to the value of a Baldwin Wallace business education and how BW integrity, purpose and drive are inspiring leaders who excel in innovation, forge lasting community and industry impact, and achieve deep personal fulfillment.

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