Welcome to Baldwin Wallace University! BW is a proud neighbor and strong partner to the city of Berea, Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. We work to foster strong community relationships that benefit our students and have a powerful, positive impact on you, the people, businesses and organizations of our vibrant region.

We invite you to take advantage of a whole range of events, programs and services that are designed for and available to the public. Sign your child up for a summer camp or take a class at the Institute for Learning in Retirement. Catch a future Broadway star or symphony musician on our stages, or learn to play an instrument yourself in our Conservatory of Music Outreach programs. Hear a world class author or thought leader at a free lecture.

Plug into a BW center or clinic to access a menu of expert services that include speech therapy, tax preparation, business consultations and research projects. Partner with our students for a service project through the David & Frances Brain Center for Community Engagement. Attend an art opening at Fawick Art Gallery or a stargazing event at the Burrell Observatory. Make the Yellow Jackets your team and take in a football game on a crisp autumn day (and, don't miss the annual Community and Family Day!)

You get the idea. Come be our guest. A whole world of opportunity awaits you at Baldwin Wallace University!

Baldwin Wallace in the Community

The BW School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics & Computing is pleased to be an educational partner with the Cedar Point 2018 Physics, Science & Math Days outreach program for the fourth consecutive year. The week-long program runs May 14-18 and seeks to increase interest in, appreciation of, and understanding of the science behind the rides and amusements. Exhibits/activities include "Shaving Cream Art," "Millennium Force Brake Demonstration," "How Motors Work," "Generators and Lights," "Alternator Demonstration," "What Keeps the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railway on the Track" and "Proximity Sensors on Rides."

Baldwin Wallace Community Events