Welcome to Baldwin Wallace University! BW is a proud neighbor and strong partner to the city of Berea, Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. We work to foster strong community relationships that benefit our students and have a powerful, positive impact on you, the people, businesses and organizations of our vibrant region.

We invite you to take advantage of a whole range of events, programs and services that are designed for and available to the public. Sign your child up for a summer camp or take a class at the Institute for Learning in Retirement. Catch a future Broadway star or symphony musician on our stages, or learn to play an instrument yourself in our Conservatory of Music Outreach programs. Hear a world class author or thought leader at a free lecture.

Plug into a BW center or clinic to access a menu of expert services that include speech therapy, tax preparation, business consultations and research projects. Partner with our students for a service project through the David & Frances Brain Center for Community Engagement. Attend an art opening at Fawick Art Gallery or a stargazing event at the Burrell Observatory. Make the Yellow Jackets your team and take in a football game on a crisp autumn day (and, don't miss the annual Community and Family Day!)

You get the idea. Come be our guest. A whole world of opportunity awaits you at Baldwin Wallace University!

Baldwin Wallace Community Events

Virtual Events

In response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), BW has canceled in-person events. The University is now offering a series of virtual events, including a Virtual Concert Series and Virtual Wellness Program.