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Faculty-student collaboration at the heart of BW Summer Scholars

For 10 weeks, they dug deep into research in a variety of fields, from neuroscience to business to music. They challenged themselves and others to assess and develop new viewpoints as they worked with faculty advisers on projects that were real-world focused and relevant to their studies.

As this year's eight Summer Scholars completed the program, they took with them experiences and insights that will help prepare them for future endeavors, such as graduate school or a career.

Boosted by research

Summer Scholars is an annual program that enables students of any major to design and pursue their own research or creative project under the supervision of a faculty mentor. The scholars live together on campus and have opportunities to share their work with one another.

Photo of Yash Kahai '20 and Dr. Herman SahniOne scholar, Yash Kahai '20, is exploring a personal theory regarding trustworthiness in the medical field by researching whether doctors are influenced by money and other gifts from the pharmaceutical industry. Kahai, an aspiring physician who has already earned acceptance to Northeast Ohio Medical University through BW's primary healthcare advancement program, is also a 2019 Expys recipient of the Richard Pogue Community Impact Award from the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education for his work as an intern with Akron Children's Hospital. He is also a BW STEM Scholar.

Photo of Delenn Hartswick '21 and Dr. Clare Mathes Another scholar, Delenn Hartswick '21, is using the research opportunity to learn new skills and prepare for a neuroscience thesis. Hartswick, who is the president of the Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Society (INS) on campus and a BW STEM Scholars Peer Mentor, plans to attend graduate school immediately after completing undergraduate studies.

Jonathon Smith '20, another scholar, is investigating how Snapchat use affects online and offline political participation among young adults in the United States through a nationwide poll. Smith is channeling his experiences toward his ultimate goal of becoming a professor of political communications.

The 2019 BW Summer Scholars

Mekenna Atterholt '20 - psychology major who worked with Dr. Deb Esty on "Role of Cognition in the Relationship between Checking and Body Dissatisfaction."

Evan Fraser '20 - instrumental performance and music theory major who worked with Dr. Kent Cleland on "Performance and Analysis: A Study of the Unaccompanied Flute Works of Andre Jolivet."

Amy Gersten '21 - criminal justice and political science major who worked with Dr. Brian Monahan on "A Comparative Analysis of Local Crime News."

Delenn Hartswick '21 - neuroscience and psychology major who worked with Dr. Clare Mathes on "The Neuroscience of Gender - Exploring the Link between Prenatal Hormone Exposure and Sex-Specific Neuroanatomy."

Emma Heisey '21 - neuroscience and biology major who worked with Dr. Jeffery Zahratka on "Expression of Tau Protein in the Cultured Human Cell Line ND11267."

Yash Kahai '20 - public health major who worked with Dr. Herman Sahni on "Do Physicians Respond to Incentives?"

Sarah Myer '21 - sustainability major who worked with Dr. Frank Lebo on "AASHE STARS Research Report."

Jonathon Smith '20 - political science and history major who worked with Dr. Lauren Copeland on "Social Media Use Across Different Platforms and Political Participation."

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