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Superintendent License

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Fully Online Superintendent License Program

The Baldwin Wallace superintendent license program is 100% online and designed for principals and administrators who are seeking an initial superintendent license. The program includes access to experienced superintendents and other district leaders with expertise in district-level leadership. Live sessions and panel discussions are embedded in courses and/or offered as special events. Students will graduate from the program prepared for district leadership roles, including the superintendency, through targeted experiences on-site in districts and with a collection of evidence to share as part of the interviewing process.

The program is aligned to the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) 2022 Initial Program Standards. Course content is aligned to the National Educational Leadership Preparation Program - District Level (NELP) Standards.

Program Features

  • The program is 15 credits (four courses + three 1-credit internships) designed to be completed in one academic year with classes offered in fall, spring and summer terms.
  • Students have the option to begin the program in fall, spring or summer.
  • As a part-time program, the curriculum is designed for your convenience through 100% online classes with opportunities to engage with peers as well as practicing superintendents through live online panels and discussions.
  • Complete an internship in your school district under an approved district mentor as part of your leadership program requirements. The three 1-credit internships are designed to be completed concurrently with courses focused on strategic planning/school improvement, instructional leadership, operations and management, but may be deferred until after coursework is completed.
  • Upon successful completion of the program and after meeting all of Ohio superintendent licensure requirements, candidates are eligible to apply for the superintendent license and have it dated July 1 of the academic year of program completion.

Superintendent License Curriculum

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