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Gifted Education Certificate

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Certificate Overview

Many licensed general education teachers are facing the challenge of meeting the needs of gifted learners in their classrooms. Given the decreasing levels of licensed gifted interventionists, BW's gifted education certificate is designed to provide the tools and skills needed in the general education classroom to better serve gifted learners.

BW's focus on applied learning means you will be able to make immediate use of what you learn. The gifted education certificate program is entirely online and offers flexibility for working teachers.

This certificate is beneficial for:

  1. Licensed teachers seeking to meet the challenge of serving the needs of gifted learners in their classrooms.
  2. Administrators who are interested in the needs and services for students who are gifted. As leaders in their buildings/district, understanding the needs of all students is essential.

Note: The certificate is not endorsed by the state of Ohio, nor does it confer any official state licensure.


Dr. Debra Janas, Professor and Coordinator: Intervention Specialist Program,

Gifted Education Certificate Curriculum

The certificate includes a sequence of three courses (9 credit hours) and is offered completely online. It is designed for K-12 teachers as well as administrators who are interested in understanding the nature and needs of the gifted learner and improving their instruction for those learners in their classrooms. These courses may also be applied toward the Advanced Practice Minor as part of the MAEd degree.

EDU 514 Instructional Technology: Tools and Resources (3 credit hours) (Fall, Spring or Summer 1)
EDU 552 Assessment and Instruction for the Gifted Learner, 3 credit hours (Fall)
EDU 553 Nature and Needs of the Gifted Learner, 3 credit hours (Summer 1)

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2023-24 Tuition

MAEd Program for K-12 Educators Per Credit Hour
MAEd Graduate Courses $565

Unlike many graduate education programs, BW does not charge additional per-credit-hour fees.

Tuition Discount

Baldwin Wallace offers a 10% discount ($509 per credit hour) for educators in school districts that are premier partners. Learn more about our school partnership program.

Financial Aid

Loans for Graduate Students

Graduate students in the School of Education may pursue financial support in the form of educational loans.

If this is your first graduate degree, or if you earned a graduate or professional degree unrelated to K-12 education, you may consider pursuing federal direct student loans, graduate PLUS loans, or private education loans.

Graduate students who have already earned a master's degree related to K-12 education may utilize private education loans, which often have interest rates and repayment options that are as competitive or perhaps even better than the federal loans.