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Baldwin Wallace maintains a list of scholarships and resources outside of the BW community on this page. Students should also do the following:

  • Complete the scholarship and special offer application each year.
  • Check with family members to see if their employers or membership organizations offer scholarship opportunities.
  • Incoming freshman should also check with their high school guidance office which may be aware of opportunities.

Scholarship Resources

Many websites offer free scholarship searches while some do require a fee. Fee-based resources may be scams. Before paying for anything related to scholarships, find out if they are legitimate. Always check out a site thoroughly before providing any personal information.

The Cotillion Society of Cleveland

The Cotillion Society of Cleveland scholarship is offered to an incoming freshman from the Greater Cleveland area who meets the eligibility criteria on the application. 

Outside Scholarship Policy

Federal regulations require you to report any outside scholarship you receive to your college's financial aid office. The BW financial aid office will apply your outside scholarship to your unmet need first by reducing Parent PLUS loans or alternative loan eligibility. When necessary, the financial office will reduce self-help portions of your financial aid package (direct loans, federal work-study) rather than reducing grants or other scholarships. In rare cases, some grants and scholarships may be reduced if the amount of an outside scholarship is such that all self-help aid has been eliminated from a student's financial aid package.

Outside scholarships are credited to your account after BW receives the funds. The funds are included in your financial aid offer on a "hold" status but will not reduce the amount of your bill until after they have been received and processed.

Scholarships are listed by application deadline date, with the most immediate deadlines listed first. Since these opportunities are outside of BW, eligibility requirements and application deadlines may change without notice.

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