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Columbus student expands BW business studies with study abroad

Photo of Caroline Binkley sipping tea

Infusing her college experience with international travel is helping Delaware, Ohio, resident Caroline Binkley '23 boost her career potential.

The savvy human resource management and business administration major chose to study at Kingston University in London.

Binkley, who took four courses at Kingston, believes "learning about other cultures is an essential step in forming an educated and well-rounded individual."

She went on to say that studying abroad is a way to expand one's world views, build strong networking connections and gain confidence.

Building Business Skills, Confidence at BW

"Declaring business as my major took me the first few months of college to decide," noted Binkley.

"Some people in the corporate world say they never use their undergrad degree - but I have learned so much at BW. Last summer, I was in the JP Morgan Chase & Co. 'Advancing Black Pathways Fellowship Program' in Columbus. In preparation for my work with the company, I read the entire financial report - all 350 pages of it. I soon realized that it is only due to the BW classes I have taken in management and accounting that I was able to actually understand what was written and could analyze the data," emphasized the Rutherford B. Hayes graduate.

"This summer, I am returning to JP Morgan Chase for a more robust technical internship made for seniors. I liked the company so much I couldn't seem to leave," she said appreciatively.

In addition to her professional growth, Binkley believes her BW experience has benefited her personally.

"I would say that confidence is most important in facilitating change within your own life as you switch from high school to college. You want to change because change means you're growing. Being confident of my own capabilities and ability were key in allowing BW to change my life for the better," she said with gratitude.

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