College of Education and Health Sciences

Undergraduate Programs


1 Pre-professional majors require a licensure to practice in the professional field that is not acquired during or at the end of a BW education.

2 Five-year integrated program for bachelor's and master's degrees.

Pre-Professional Pathways

Pre-professional pathways are educational plans for students who wish to pursue graduate study for these professions.

Graduate & Professional Programs

Transitioned Programs


College of Education and Health Sciences
Michael Smith, Founding Dean, College of Education and Health Sciences
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Department of Allied Health, Sport and Wellness
Jaimy Dyer
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Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Laura Hvizd
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Department of Education
Debra Janas
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Department of Nursing
Yvonne Smith
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Department of Physician Assistant
Jared Pennington
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Department of Public Health and Prevention Sciences
Emilia Lombardi
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