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Bella Ison

Bella Ison headshotMajor: Accounting

Minor: Finance

Favorite quote: "You is kind. You is smart. You is important." -The Help

Biggest mistake as a first-year student? What did you learn? My biggest mistake as a first-year was not listening to people about being over-involved. I never knew how to say "no" when someone asked me to help, so I took on a lot of commitments my first year. At the end of the day you need to take care of yourself before you can help others, so don't spread yourself too thin.

How did you choose your major? My first-year I came in declared as a biology, and I am now an accounting major. I quickly realized that the material just didn't interest me like it did in high school. So, I started taking some general business courses and found out that I really liked the material and the awesome professors. I am a definitely someone who came to college with a plan, but you can't plan for everything. Pick something you're passionate about and don't be afraid to switch majors. Trust me - it's worth it!

What has been your best experience at BW? My best experience at BW has been being an Orientation Leader. Being able to welcome all of the incoming students and sharing BW with them is an amazing experience and I can't wait to do it again this summer!

Favorite spot on campus? My favorite spot is the SLC (Student Life Center). I'm there very often for meetings and talking to advisors, but it's also a great place to do work and learn about the different events going on around campus.

What is one thing you want the incoming students to know as they get ready for their summer orientation experience? Come in with an open mind, "take your cool cap off," and get excited!

What is one major piece of advice you would give new incoming students to help them succeed in their first year at BW? Take chances and get involved because that's where you'll make friendships that will last a lifetime. Also, listen to your advisors and peers and let them help you. Somewhere along the way you'll realize that you have become the person you have always wanted to be, all thanks to BW.