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Troi Dotson

Troi Dotson headshotMajor: Early Childhood Education

Favorite quote: "Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

Biggest mistake as a first-year student? What did you learn? My biggest mistake as a first-year student was being shy. It took me most of my first year to step out of my comfort zone and gain some confidence. I learned from this that it is okay to be nervous and scared about new things but to take a leap and not worry so much.

How did you choose your major? I have known since I was a little girl that I wanted to be a teacher. In 8th grade, I was given the opportunity to assist with the Kindergarten class for a few hours each day. Then my senior year of high school I was given another opportunity to be part of a teacher academy. In this teacher academy, I spent the morning teaching lessons based on the lesson plans I wrote and then being evaluated by my cooperating teacher and my instructor. The two opportunities I had before coming to BW are what solidified that I truly wanted to be an elementary teacher.

What has been your best experience at BW? Dance Marathon has been one of my best experiences. Dance Marathon is a cause that means a lot to me and I truly love standing on my feet to raise money for children in need. Children who would not be able to stand for 12 hours. Not only is it fun but it's inspirational. I have been doing Dance Marathon since high school and I am so glad that I can continue to this passion in college.

Favorite spot on campus? My favorite spot on campus is the green spot next to the observatory. This is my favorite spot because it has many memories from my freshman year with my roommate, many hours of homework during the nice weather and lots of reading again with the nice weather.

What is the one thing you want the incoming students to know as they get ready for their summer orientation experience? I want students to know that it is okay to be nervous but that being nervous is normal. You need to be aware of your surroundings so that you can enjoy everything around you. Be engaged in what is going on so you can learn about what your next 4 years can do for you.

What is one major piece of advice you would give new incoming students to help them succeed in their first year at BW? I would say to find friends who are similar to you but can give you a new perspective in life. The people you surround yourself with can make all the difference in the world. Find your group of people who will be there with you through anything. Having a group of friends who truly care about you helps every day.