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Bringing visitors to Lake County is a home run for BW alumnus

Photo of Neil SteinFrom managing a minor league baseball team to being an ambassador for Lake County, Ohio, Neil Stein '01 is finding success on multiple fronts.

Stein now serves as the executive director for the Lake County Visitors Bureau, where he helps people see the treasures they can find in that county of the old Connecticut Western Reserve.

Stein previously worked with the Lake County Captains and the Toledo Mudhens. "After spending 20 seasons working in Minor League Baseball, the opportunity with the Visitors Bureau was intriguing to me," Stein says. "It was an opportunity to promote all of the attractions in Lake County, including the Lake County Captains, instead of just one."

Photo of Squire's CastleTaking many of the same skills from managing a baseball team with him, Stein makes connections and builds a broad story drawing people to the historic county.

From Lawnfield, the home of President James A. Garfield in Mentor, to Squire's Castle, to the sprawling beaches of Mentor Headlands State Park, Stein has so much to invite people to see and do.

Core classes prepare for life beyond the classroom

When thinking about his time at BW, Stein shares that he was focused entirely on sport management and business education. He admits, at the time, he wasn't crazy about taking core classes.

But Stein says, "Some of those classes not only helped me with a more well-rounded education but also helped me become a more well-rounded person as well. Classes like College 101, sociology and even Backstage Experience taught me so many lessons about life. Who would have thought that working stage crew on a BW show would have an application to sports?"

Stein credits his time at BW with helping him overcome the challenges life presented him in the business world and finding success.

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