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BW transfer student finds purpose and direction in the challenge of problem solving

BW physics major Nate Bianco is energized by the challenge of problem solvingIt's not every day that an undergrad is invited to address a more experienced and educated audience.

But physics major Nathan Bianco '21 was recently invited to share his research with the Cuyahoga Astronomical Society, which included university professors, along with highly knowledgeable amateurs and enthusiasts, in the audience.

Rebuilding the Big Bang

Bianco's topic for the 45-minute presentation, "Physics of the Early Universe," explored the physics of the Big Bang, nucleosynthesis and star formation.

Illustration of the Big Bang"The talk essentially built the Big Bang theory of today using discoveries, evidence and tested predictions, and showed how the data lines up almost exactly to our current understanding of the universe," Bianco explained.

"I am always impressed when our students take on difficult research topics," said Professor Gary Kader, director of BW's Burrell Memorial Observatory. "The most impressive part is when they put themselves out front to present what they have learned."

Captivated by solving problems

A transfer student from the University of Dayton, Bianco came to BW in search of purpose and direction. He found both in Dr. Ed Meyer's general physics class, where he was captivated by the challenge of problem-solving.

"Something clicked," Bianco stated. "I understood that I was learning skills that would equip me not only for a career but for success in my life in general."

His aim after graduation is to obtain a Ph.D. in cosmology and teach at the university level. To reach that goal, Bianco challenges himself with the most difficult courses he can take.

"I now believe that I can do anything," he said. "But I also know I will have to work at it."

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