Edwin Meyer

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

Edwin Meyer

Edwin MeyerAssociate Professor of Physics

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University


(440) 826-2495, emeyer@bw.edu

Teaching Interests

General physics, PHY 131-132
Frontiers of physics, PHY 103
Theoretical physics, PHY 341
Advanced mechanics, PHY 331
Problem solving, HON 250
Problem solving for business, BUS 665
Special topics course in nuclear physics

TV News Videos

Problem Solving Class at the University of Wellington, New Zealand
Problem Solving Class at Baldwin Wallace University

Summer Gedanken Institute for Problem Solving

Directed by Dr. Edwin F. Meyer, the Summer Gedanken Institute for Problem Solving welcomes 12 to 17-year-olds who find a difficult problem to be an exciting challenge rather than an unpleasant duty. The Gedanken Institute presents challenging problems requiring long, careful, focused thought. Students spend the majority of their time thinking, rather than doing. They perform the necessary pre-solving process of understanding the problem, gathering information, taking inventory, discussing possible approaches and trying to gain insights to the architecture of the solution space. The focus is on consensus building, developing mental stamina, contributing as a team member, developing social capital and becoming an independent, creative problem solver. Subjects include operations research, pattern recognition, risk management, probability, geometry, topology, game strategy and logic.
Questions? Contact Meyer: emeyer@bw.edu