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Managing Academic Difficulties

Around now students may be receiving their first college grades on papers, exams and projects. Sometimes the results are disappointing. Even students who may have been at the top of their high school class may struggle a bit. Encourage your student to seek help if he or she feels overwhelmed.

Talk with Professors and Advisors

For many students, the best way to alleviate academic frustrations is to meet with their professors. Contacting professors and setting up appointments to discuss concerns can be proactive in helping students stay on track in their classes.

Likewise, academic advisors can help students with general issues, such as dropping courses as well as with serious ones, including first-year Mid-Term Warnings about grades.

Visit the Learning Center and Writing Center

BW has a variety of academic support programs and services located on the second floor of Ritter Library. The Learning Center assists students in improving their academic performance, learning new study strategies, and developing time and task management skills. Its free resources and services include academic coaching, tutoring, online resources, and success seminars.  Students can participate in these academic support services one-on-one, online or in a group setting.

The reading demands of college can feel overwhelming at times to students. BW offers individual reading support services that can help students utilize effective and strategic approaches to reading and note-taking in order to boost comprehension and facilitate better time management and learning.

Also beneficial to students is the Writing Center, which has professional tutors that can help students on a one-time or continuing basis. It offers help in all aspects of writing.

Utilize Other Campus Resources

The Career Center can help first-year students navigate the career development process through individual assessment, career advising and other resources. The career center offers one-on-one career advising, group programs and events, print materials and resources, and web-based tools.

Other campus resources include the Counseling Center and, for students with documented disabilities, BW's Office of Accessible Education.