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Parents & Family

Second Year

The second year is a time when Baldwin Wallace students begin fine-tuning their college plans.

Coursework becomes more rigorous, the need for career planning escalates, experiential learning opportunities multiply and co-curricular time commitments increase. Amid the hectic pace, there is the familiarity of campus life, social activities and relationships.

During this time, there is an ongoing need for your support. Resources like BW's Family Connect2 newsletter can help.

Family Connect2 Newsletter

This free newsletter contains important dates, articles and helpful information for families of current second-year students. You will automatically receive the newsletter if your student provided BW with your email address. Articles include:

Understanding Second-Year Dynamics

Academics & Advising

Can Switching Majors Delay Graduation?

Expanding Studies Beyond the Classroom

Internships Bridge College to Career

Why a Minor Matters

Staying Motivated

Can a Double Major do Double Duty?

Enhancing Career & Grad School Marketability

Faculty-Student Collaborations Foster Mentoring & Achievement

Preparing for Junior Year