Update Your Information

Thanks for keeping us up to date! A few guidelines follow for life and career updates. This will make it easier for us to celebrate your good news in online class notes and in Synergies magazine.

Change of address: Please include your new address, city, state, zip, home phone number and email address.

Job changes/promotions: Please include your new title, business name, business address and business phone number and a brief description of what you do. Also please include the approximate start date of the new position.

Marriages: Please include full names (including maiden) of both parties with BW graduation year(s), when applicable, and the marriage date. (If you have moved, please remember to update your mailing address.)

Births: Please include the full names (including maiden) and graduation year(s) of the parent(s). Please include baby's full name, date of birth and gender.

Advanced degrees: Please include the full name of the institution and degree received. Please write out the full degree name (e.g., Master of Fine Arts, Master of Business Administration, etc).

Awards/Honors:Please include a full description of the award you received, and from what organization.

In Memoriam: Please send the obituary of a friend or loved one, in print or via Internet link, with their class year. We will publish a notification online and in Synergies.

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