Alumni Spirit

Alumni Association Constitution and By-laws

Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be The Alumni Association of Baldwin Wallace University. Alumni groups organized by affinity or geographic location shall insert the name of the community before the word Alumni.

Article II - Mission

The purpose of this Association and its local organizations shall be:

  1. To establish and maintain communications among Baldwin Wallace University, its alumni, faculty and
  2. To gather and share information about alumni to demonstrate the success and effectiveness of Baldwin
    Wallace University.
  3. To promote a spirit of involvement, enthusiasm and support for the University.
  4. To generate financial support and other resources that will enhance the quality of education at Baldwin
    Wallace University.
  5. To assist alumni with activities sponsored by the University and the Office of Alumni Engagement.
  6. To support and encourage the collection and preservation of memorabilia and information.

Article III - Membership

All graduates and former students of Baldwin Wallace University and its affiliated institutions, and all those upon whom these institutions have conferred honorary degrees or honorary association memberships shall be considered members of the Alumni Association.

Article IV - Honorary Membership

The Alumni Association may confer honorary Alumni Association membership upon those persons who have made extraordinary personal commitments to Baldwin Wallace University (e.g. former trustees, presidents, donors, community partners).

Article V - Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is the governing body of the Alumni Association and shall include the following as members:

  1. Officers of the Alumni Association including President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President and Immediate Past President
  2. Thirty Alumni Council-at-Large members
  3. Representative of Women for BW
  4. Representative of the BW Brown & Gold Club
  5. Representative of the BW MBA Association
  6. Director of Alumni Engagement of Baldwin Wallace University
  7. Past Presidents of the Alumni Association shall be permanent members of the Alumni Council
  8. Officer(s) of the Senior Class
  9. Officer(s) of Student Ambassadors

Article VI - Meetings and Quorum

  1. Meetings of Alumni Council shall be held three times each year during fall and spring. The President of the Alumni Association or the Director of Alumni Engagement may call meetings of the Alumni Council or the Alumni Association by giving thirty (30) days’ written notice. A quorum of Alumni Council is twelve members. Members participating remotely (e.g. by phone) are eligible for quorum.
  2. Meetings of the Alumni Council will be open to all alumni.

Article VII - Duties and Responsibilities of the Alumni Council

  1. The Alumni Council shall be a forum for communication among alumni and the officers and trustees of Baldwin Wallace University.
  2. The Council shall exercise all powers and functions of the Alumni Association between meetings of the Association.
  3. Alumni Council members shall be informed and engaged ambassadors for Baldwin Wallace University.
  4. Alumni Council shall plan the annual meeting of the Alumni Association which shall occur in the spring.

Article VIII - Nominating Committee

Nominations of candidates for Alumni Association officers and Alumni Council-at-Large members will be made by the Officers appointed by the President of the Alumni Association and including the Director of Alumni Engagement. The nominating committee will present the slate of candidates for vote by members in the spring.

Article IX - Election and Term of Officers

The officers of the Alumni Association shall be President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President, and Immediate Past President. Alumni Council shall elect officers in the spring for a two-year term of service with each term year beginning July 1 and ending June 30. The intent is for a person to serve in each office sequentially. Candidates for office are selected from Alumni Association membership.

Article X - Duties & Responsibilities of Officers

  1. Officers of the Alumni Association including the President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Third Vice President and the Immediate Past President shall serve as the Executive Board of the Alumni Association. The Director of Alumni Engagement shall serve as an ex officio member of the Executive Board.
  2. The duties of the President shall include presiding at all meetings of the Alumni Association, presiding at Executive Board meetings, representing the Alumni Association at University functions.
  3. The duties of the First Vice-President shall include serving on the Executive Board, representing the Alumni Association in the absence of the President.
  4. The duties of the Second Vice-President shall include serving on the Executive Board, representing the Alumni Association in the absence of the President and First-Vice President.
  5. The duties of the Third Vice President shall include serving on the Executive Board, representing the Alumni Association in the absence of the President and First and Second Vice Presidents.
  6. In the event of a vacancy on the Executive Board (President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President or Third Vice-President), the officers will advance to fill the vacancy. The Executive Board will appoint a new Third Vice-President annually.
  7. Officers shall work together to create committees as needed to accomplish objectives.

Article XI - Election and Term of Alumni Council-at-Large Members

Ten Alumni Council-at–Large members will be elected each year for a three-year term of service with each term year beginning July 1 and ending June 30. Consideration in nomination of Alumni Council-at large members will be given to class graduation decade, student activity and academic involvement, diversity, and geographical representation. Alumni Council will elect the Alumni Council-at-Large members in the spring each year. BW will publish and maintain a list of Alumni Council members for acknowledgment of service.

Article XII -Duties & Responsibilities of Alumni Council-at-Large Members

Council members:

  1. Are elected to hold the position based on interest, involvement and commitment to Baldwin Wallace University.
  2. Will attend the annual meetings of the Alumni Association and participate in at least one committee of the Alumni Council.
  3. Are encouraged to support Baldwin Wallace University financially, in any amount, on an annual basis.
  4. Are representatives of the Alumni Association in their communities.
  5. Will assist in identifying, cultivating, and involving alumni to support strategic activities such as admission, career services, regional activities, financial support, and more.
  6. Will be familiar with and support Baldwin Wallace programs and activities.
  7. Will seek out and encourage talented alumni for volunteer roles, other alumni activities and alumni awards.

Article XIII - Other Special Recognition

Members of the Alumni Association are encouraged to nominate candidates for professional, civic and national recognition in fields of study to promote BW faculty, staff and alumni beyond the University.

Article XIV - Alumni Merit Award

The Alumni Association will honor outstanding alumni and honorary alumni for their achievements, leadership and contributions to their profession, their community, and their alma mater with Alumni Merit Awards. The merit awards will be conferred annually in the spring.

All members of the Alumni Association shall be encouraged to submit nominations of candidates for the Alumni Merit Award to the Director of Alumni Engagement for the compilation of biographical information and consideration by the Alumni Council.

Awards, when possible, should include alumni who have graduated from each of the six academic divisions (“Schools”) of Baldwin Wallace University. Recommended criteria for Alumni Merit Awards:

  1. Recipients must have attended Baldwin Wallace University for a minimum of one year or must have served the University for a minimum of ten years.
  2. Ability to be in Berea to receive the award shall not be a criterion.
  3. The Alumni Merit Award may be conferred posthumously.
  4. Nominees shall be judged on their achievements since graduating from or leaving the University.

Article XV - Family Heritage Award

The Alumni Association recognizes and honors those distinguished families who, throughout generations, have provided many years of faithful and loyal service to Baldwin Wallace University. All members of the Association shall be encouraged to nominate families that they deem worthy of this honor. One family will be honored as appropriate, on a timetable determined by the Alumni Council.

Article XVI - The Office of Alumni Engagement

Baldwin Wallace University will maintain an Office of Alumni Engagement under the supervision of the Director of Alumni Engagement. The Office will organize and maintain alumni records and will involve alumni in programs that assist the University in achieving institutional goals and objectives. The Office will plan and promote social, cultural and educational programs to serve members of the Alumni Association. The Office will involve parents of current students in Alumni Association activities where appropriate. The Office of Alumni Engagement will work in cooperation with the Office of University Relations to publish alumni publications.

Article XVII - Special Committees

The President of the Alumni Association in consultation with the Director of Alumni Engagement shall form committees comprised of officers and members-at-large to address special issues. These may include, but are not limited to, recruitment of members and officers, alumni programming and communications, review of governing documents, and strategic plan support.

Article XVIII - Constitutional Amendments

This Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members attending a meeting (in person or remotely) or it may be amended by Alumni Council at any time subject to review by the Association. Reasonable advance notice of proposed amendments shall be provided to the members of the Alumni Council.

Article XIX - Constitutional Adoption

This Constitution and By-Laws shall be effective upon the adoption thereof and shall supersede any and all instruments of a similar nature heretofore adopted or used by the Association.