Master of Public Health - Tuition & Costs


Comprehensive Program, Competitively Priced

The total cost of BW's 2019-22 MPH program is $48,000 for the 48 credit hour program (or $1000 per credit hour). This covers tuition, books and one meal per weekend when classes meet (Friday night) and parking at MetroHealth on class weekends.

Discounted rates are available for MetroHealth employees and professional partners such as the Visiting Nurse Association, Cleveland Clinic and other healthcare organizations with an established MOU with BW. For additional information, please contact Winnie Gerhardt at (440) 826-8002 or

The MPH program is scheduled to be completed part-time in three years. This package price is included for all classes completed in a three-year time period. If a student chooses to lengthen their program beyond their three-year cohort rotation, that student’s tuition would be adjusted to the per-credit cost of the most recent cohort.

Tuition Reimbursement Payment Plan (TRPP)

For students receiving tuition reimbursement from their employer, BW's tuition reimbursement payment plan allows you to pay your tuition at the end of the semester when your tuition benefit is available. TRPP extends your payment due date until 30 days after the end of the term. Students participating in TRPP will incur a finance charge, set at a reasonable level not to exceed the maximum amount permitted by law, and approximately half the rate of the University's standard finance charge. Currently the TRPP finance charge is 8% APR. Download the TRPP forms

Graduate School Loans

You can cover the entire cost of the MPH Program, including books and miscellaneous non-program costs, with Federal Direct Student Loans and Grad PLUS Loans. To qualify for these loans, you must complete the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. BW provides directions for completing the FAFSA

Monthly Payment Plan

Baldwin Wallace offers a monthly payment plan that allows students to pay their tuition in monthly installments. There is a $30 service charge per semester, but otherwise no finance charges unless monthly payments are late. This allows you to divide your tuition into 5 monthly payments throughout the semester. To talk with a representative who works with BW students on this payment plan, call (800) 551-2773.

Students may opt to use a combination of financing options. For example, if your employer's tuition benefits only cover partial tuition, or you only wanted to pay $200 a month using the monthly payment plan, you could cover the remainder with graduate school loans.


Initial bills for each new semester will be mailed to the student in July, December and April. The student has 30 days to pay his or her bill, after which time a finance charge will be added to any unpaid portion of the bill. Finance charges are not assessed to students enrolled in good standing in a payment plan.

Other Questions? 

Contact the financial aid office at (440) 826-2108.