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Tuition, Financial Aid & Scholarships: Transfer & Adult Students

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Transfer Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships are based upon a transfer student’s cumulative college GPA (taking into account all colleges attended) at the time the student’s application is received.

Students who do not meet the criteria listed below for an academic merit scholarship may still qualify for an award based on a holistic review of their application materials.

Fall 2023/Spring 2024

Cumulative College GPAScholarshipAmount Per Year
3.50+Transfer President's Scholarship$15,000
3.20-3.49Transfer Trustees' Scholarship$13,000
3.00-3.19Transfer Deans' Scholarship$11,000
2.75-2.99Transfer Fellows' Scholarship$9,000
under 2.75Transfer Yellow Jacket Success Grant$7,500

Disbursement of Scholarships

Scholarships and awards are credited in two equal amounts to billing statements beginning fall semester. If a student is only enrolled for one semester during an academic year, then only half of the scholarship or award will be credited.


A completed BW admission application is the only document needed to determine scholarship and award qualifications. Only full-time students are eligible for these awards. Scholarships are renewable based on good academic and social standing.

Students may also be eligible for need-based aid. However, BW gift assistance will not exceed full tuition.

Students eligible to receive scholarships and special awards include U.S. citizens, dual U.S. citizens, green card holders, eligible non-citizens who qualify to file a FAFSA, and residents of most U.S. territories. Foreign nationals and DACA students should review scholarships for international students.

Transfer Awards

Affordable Excellence

Baldwin Wallace University continues to earn high marks for affordable excellence. We are committed to working with students and families to provide various types of financial assistance — transfer scholarships, outside scholarships, grants, loans, and campus employment opportunities.

Please explore our financial aid FAQs. We welcome your questions and concerns as you explore the many financial options available to make a BW education a reality.

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