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Request Degree or Enrollment Verification


Current and former students may use Myhub, a free and secure online service provided by the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), to obtain enrollment information. Create or access your Myhub account to:

  • Print an enrollment certificate, for insurance, etc.
  • View degrees earned.
  • See all enrollment information on file with the Clearinghouse.
  • View third party verification inquiries to the Clearinghouse.

Current students may also access their Myhub account within the My Records tool. Navigate to Academics in the menu and click the Order Enrollment Verification link.

Unable to login or receive an "Oops, We Cannot Find You" message?

Contact the National Student Clearinghouse Customer Support Team at or (703) 742-4200.


Please note: A transcript can sometimes be used in lieu of an enrollment/degree verification because it indicates dates of attendance and degree(s) received. Learn more about transcripts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I attended BW prior to Fall of 1998?

Students who attended Baldwin Wallace University before the fall of 1998 should contact the Office of Registration & Records directly by sending an email to In some instances, a transcript may be ordered which will include enrollment and degree information as well.

How do I get verifications for other information (current major, expected graduation date, etc.)?

Current students may obtain letters of verification for other information by completing the Verification Letter Request Form.

What should I do if another organization has provided a form to verify my enrollment?

Please verify with the organization if the printed enrollment verification, available from your Myhub account, will suffice. If not, current and former students may submit the forms to along with their full name, any former names attended under, date of birth and student ID (if known). The Office of Registration & Records will work with the student to complete and send their forms to the appropriate parties.

When is enrollment data sent by BW to the Clearinghouse?

Current term enrollment is transmitted in week 2 of the term. If you need a verification sooner, email

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