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Photography and film pave the way for BW grad's success

Photo of Cameron DunbarGetting your art noticed in Hollywood is not easy. Cameron Dunbar '14 moved out to Los Angeles in 2014, working as a freelance photographer. Through grit, hard work and handshakes, he connected with stop motion film company Extra Credit Studios, where Dunbar was recently named director of photography.

Dunbar's most recent work was photographing the stop motion music video "What I Want" by The Living Tombstone. The video (linked below) has racked up over a million views since its premiere on Sept. 4. He is currently working on a stop motion feature film of "Marcel the Shell."

From film to physics, BW builds a broad foundation

Dunbar says, "I'm most thankful that BW allowed me to study myriad subjects as opposed to a specialized film degree. I was able to study both film and physics, which taught me how to solve the difficult problems that arise on set."

Working with video and photographic productions in University Relations, Dunbar was able to get professional experience. He said, "That proved invaluable as a proving ground for honing my skills as a photographer and cinematographer."

Engaged faculty pushing students toward success

"My favorite thing about BW was the professors," Dunbar recalls. He credits much of his passion and skill to being challenged to do great things on BW's campus.

"Carol Gregory developed several projects with me and challenged me beyond the standard curriculum. On the other hand, Edwin Meyer capitalized on my love of physics to imbue me with a passion for problem-solving that has immensely helped me as a cinematographer. And my advisor, Joe Tarantowski, who coached me and supported my development while at BW and showed me opportunities that hadn't occurred to me."

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