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BW MBA director stirs debate on the future of health care

Thomas Campanella, Baldwin Wallace University Health Care MBA DirectorFor thousands of NE Ohioans who work in the region's thriving health care sector and others far beyond, there's a new "must-read" in town.

For the past year, Thomas Campanella, professor of health economics and director of the Baldwin Wallace University Health Care MBA program has been blogging about the challenges and opportunities in health care, garnering more than 30,000 followers in the process.

Breaking down complex challenges

Screen shot of Tom Campanella's health care economics blogCampanella, who also serves as a regular expert source for news media, has dissected and explained many of the complex challenges that bedevil the American health care system, even as lawmakers come up short in addressing an issue that tops the list of concerns for many ordinary Americans.

He even offered a post in March drawing "A roadmap for Republicans and Democrats: Shaping a value-based 'health' system for all Americans."

The resulting discussion is bringing together stakeholders from all facets of the healthcare industry - clinicians, medical device makers, long-term care, insurance, Big Pharma and more - for a robust online discussion.

'Elegant' analogies and analysis

Campanella's analysis sparks debate and draws praise from readers, such as the response to a recent series on primary care. "Comprehensive article that pulls together many important points in an elegant analogy," wrote Harvard-educated Umbereen Nehal, M.D., who serves as an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and on the Gerson Lehrman Group's expert council.

The primary care analysis sparked a vigorous online discussion and netted Campanella an invitation to speak to a group of primary care residents, one of many speaking engagements that have resulted from leading the online discussion.

"I've been grateful for the response to the blog," Campanella says. "There seems to be a hunger for thoughtful examination and a civil exchange on the substance of health care's future."

Wading into the debate

Thomas Campanella, Baldwin Wallace University Health Care MBA DirectorWhile many discussions of health care economics are tinged with politics, Campanella wades in, unafraid to call the issues as he sees them from an academic and experienced perspective.

Posts, like "TrumpCare? A review of the Trump Administration's recent proposal to reform healthcare," often spur reader comments.

"The exchange of ideas and opinions that follow a post are often the most enlightening and interesting aspect of blogging for me," Campanella notes. "I'm a big believer in 'benevolent confrontation,' which I define as a robust dialogue that can ultimately make society better."

For the readers, it's a window into the kinds of discussions that take place in the Health Care MBA program Campanella directs at BW and are anticipated for BW's new graduate certificate in healthcare management, one of two graduate business certificate programs launching in fall 2019.

Follow and find out more

You can find and follow Campanella on LinkedIn at or browse an archive of his posts.

Questions about BW's Health Care MBA or new graduate certificate program in health care management? Contact Carmen Castro-Rivera in the BW School of Business at 440-826-3331 or

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