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BW alumna rocks independent nature-based art business

Photo of Hannah BudicTo anyone else, a pile of rocks is just a pile of rocks. But Hannah Purdy Budic '02, owner and founder of Hunny B Design, might see rocks of the perfect shapes and sizes to create people, animals or landscapes in her nature-inspired and nature-based masterpieces.

Budic, who earned an English degree from BW, creates her unique works of art using not only rocks but also seashells, stones, pebbles and sea glass, as well as the occasional mixed media such as nails, washers, bolts and screws. Her pieces capture memories, ideas and even photos that a customer would like commemorated in a different medium.

Designs from nature

Photo of a Hunny B Design piece depicting a butterflyIn a recent video feature about Hunny B Design for New Day Cleveland, Budic explained that her art involves simultaneously adding detail to simple images and simplifying detailed subjects.

"When you're looking, let's say, at a horse, you really need to break it down almost into the shadow of the horse, or just the basic outline," said Budic, "but then you have to find the pieces that make up the belly of the horse and then the front of it, and one little piece can make a difference to make or break it, whether or not it really looks like what you want it to look like."

Varied talents

Beyond her art, Budic's creative endeavors include the published children's book "Ebenezer Flea and the Right Thing to Do." At BW, she had a successful cross country career for which she was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame in 2012.

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