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Grad finds success as freelance writer

Photo of Ashley HawleyJust months after graduating from BW, Ashely Hawley '16 put pen to paper and began a successful career as a freelance writer and editor.

As a student at BW, Hawley studied creative writing and found immense support from the English department. "This department was a second home to me for four years," Hawley said. "I will never forget the ways [the faculty and staff] helped me to grow not only as a scholar and professional, but as a person."

Writing with many voices

Fresh out of BW, Hawley started her own freelance business, Ashely Hawley Freelancing, and used her student writings to create an impressive portfolio.

In an interview with a freelance writing blog, Hawley explained that she tried all sorts of different styles and genres of writing while a student. "I think that helped me not only decide what kind of writing I liked and didn't like, but it also helped me to build up samples of things to show off my various skills," said Hawley.

Hawley was quickly hired as an editorial assistant for the website Dear English Major after proactively reaching out to the website's owner. She also works as a freelance writer for Home Scribe Creative, a role that involves writing blog posts profiling neighborhoods for real estate agencies.

"I write a lot of list posts, mostly about things like different restaurants and fun activities in areas that you can explore," Hawley explained.

Nonprofit work

Hawley is also working as a full-time grants coordinator for Providence House, a Cleveland area nonprofit focusing on helping children and families in crisis.

Hawley is grateful for her experiences studying grant writing while at BW. With the support and encouragement of professors, Hawley says she was able to "realize how much I love this type of work."

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