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Fifty years before a woman could vote or even enter most restaurants without a male escort, Victoria Woodhull, an Ohio native, ran for president of the United States. Her campaign in 1872 set the stage for how women would change the face of politics for the next 150 years.

The Baldwin Wallace Center for Women and Politics of Ohio (CWPO) is a non-partisan public resource that tells the story of women running for public office in Ohio. You are invited to contribute to the conversation, dig into research and share the resources of this Center.  

Judge Deanna O'Donnell

In an interview conducted by BW students, Parma Municipal Judge Deanna O'Donnell, a BW alumna, talks about the challenges and rewards of serving in public office. 

Victoria Woodhull Tile First women elected to Ohio state legislature Florence Allen Tile Florence Allen first female federal judge Frances Bolton tile Gertrude Donahey tile Helen Rankin tile Jo Ann Davidson tile Nancy Hollister tile Maureen O'Connor tile 24% of Ohio's state legislature is female