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Nicole Gladish

Admission Counselor

Nicole GladishB.S. in Early Childhood Education, Baldwin Wallace University

Contact, (440) 826-2092

Where might you see me?

  • Cleveland’s Westside Suburbs, Summit County
  • New York and Pennsylvania

Hometown and state: Fairview Park, Ohio

What makes BW distinctive for me? The community! The small college town feel is what drew me to BW when I visited, and what continues to bring me back. BW makes it so easy to get involved and stay involved in so many things during your time. You can feel the support and care radiating from everyone the moment you step foot on campus! It truly is the best home-away-from-home!

What do I love most about Berea and Cleveland? The opportunities that are here! From exploring the Cleveland Metroparks to going to a professional sporting event to everything in between, there is truly something for everyone nestled in. It gives the "big city" feel to a small town like Berea, which is the best of both worlds.

What is the most interesting place I have visited? I got to study abroad in Ireland while I was at BW and got to travel the whole country!

If I could meet any historical figure, who would it be and why? Malala Yousafzai, her bravery and determination at such a young age is inspiring!

My message to prospective students thinking about the value of college and BW: College is a huge step out on your own. It can be a scary time with lots of unknowns but trust the process and you will find the right place to call home for 4 years. Take in the campuses when you visit and explore the towns, find somewhere that you feel safe and comfortable being and making your home-away-from-home. Make the decision based on you and not on what others want, make yourself the priority through the process. College is a time to discover who you are as an individual, you'll learn new skills and develop old ones, you'll find new interests and passions. You're going to learn SO much both inside and outside the classroom. Be excited! This is about to change your life!