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Collaborative Piano Music Emphasis


The Baldwin Wallace keyboard program offers the collaborative piano emphasis to piano primary students who might be interested in pursuing collaborative piano as one of their career options. The emphasis program is designed to provide a pathway for pianists who want to seek opportunities to work with singers and instrumentalists in one-on-one settings and build essential training, skills and repertoire.

Career Opportunities

The program offers opportunities for both vocal and instrumental collaboration through its coursework. Students will gain collaborative experience and repertoire necessary for preparing for the required collaborative piano recital and for graduate assistantship auditions for Master of Music degrees in performance and/or collaborative piano.


Required Courses

  • MUC 140 - Singers’ Phonetics (1 credit)
  • MUC 181 - Sight-Reading (1 credit)
  • MUC 241 - Singers’ Diction and Literature 3 (2 credits)
  • MUC 242 - Singer’s Diction and Literature 4 (2 credits)
  • MUC 283 - Collaborative Piano (1 credit - 2 total credits)
  • MUC 407 - Collaborative Piano Recital (1 credit)

Four Elective Credits

  • MUC 142 - Singers’ Diction and Literature 2 (2 credits)
  • MUC 283 - Collaborative Piano (1 credit - up to 2 credits beyond requirement above)
  • MUC 347 - Voice Performance Workshop 5: Scenes and Period Style - Baroque, Bel Canto and Romantic (1 credit)
  • MUC 348 - Voice Performance Workshop 6: Scenes and Period Style - Classical and Contemporary (1 credit)
  • MUC 295, 395, 495 - Independent Study (1 credit)

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Student Experience

The program requires vocal diction training and rep studies in two languages (German and French). It also offers the opportunity for flexibility in choosing more instrumental or vocal collaboration.


Sungeun Kim
Program Coordinator, Music Performance: Keyboard

Bob Mayerovitch
Professor of Keyboard

Jason Aquila
Lecturer of Opera Studies