Managing Academic Difficulties

College can be a time when students feel overwhelmed due to academic workload. But that tired feeling isn't bad in small doses, especially if its source comes from a motivation to succeed. And yet, there may be occasions when challenges negatively affect coursework.

Focus on Study Skills

BW's Learning Center is probably the best source for getting started. Students can receive free individual or small group assistance. They can gain proficiency in:

  • Study reading
  • Preparing for and analyzing tests
  • Organizing and managing time
  • Taking and using class notes

In addition, they can take credit courses in Applied Learning Skills that can help them succeed.

Talk with Professors and Advisors

For many students, the best way to alleviate academic frustrations is to meet with their professors. Contacting professors and setting up appointments to discuss concerns can be proactive in helping students stay on track in their classes.

Likewise, academic advisors can help students with general issues, such as dropping courses, as well as with serious ones, including first-year Mid-Term Warnings about grades.

Visit the Learning Center and Writing Lab

The Learning Center offers free services:

  • Peer tutoring for many undergraduate classes
  • Drop-in math tutoring
  • Intensive math tutoring with a professional math specialist
  • Learning and study skills classes and help sessions
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) help for international students
  • Individual consultations with learning specialists

Students are encouraged to use the Learning Center services during times of challenge as well as for general use that includes boosting grades and/or seeking new study techniques.

The Writing Lab has reference books and handouts. It offers free help in all aspects of writing: grammar, research, essay and report writing, graduate school applications, articles for publication and more.

Work with Other Students

Forming small study groups outside of class to review professor notes/readings and prepare for exams is an effective way to build friendships and boost academics.

Get Organized

Because physical orderliness can carry over to academics, students should strive for organization. The BW Bookstore and/or an office supply store carry bins, desk supplies daily planners and more to help students get started.

Not Quite Making the Grade

Around now students may be receiving their first college grades on papers, exams and projects. Sometimes the results are disappointing. Even students who may have been at the top of their high school class may struggle a bit. Encourage your student to seek help.

eTutoring Expands Assistance

BW students benefit from the University's participation in eTutoring. Students receive free assistance and services that include:

  • eQuestions: online question submission with an archive of previously posted questions & answers.
  • eWriting: online writing lab with an archive of previously submitted papers and revisions.
  • eChat: live communication tool that allows tutors and students to chat, whiteboard, share files & applications, as well as use audio & video tools.
  • Resources: vast collection of tips, techniques and additional links to help students improve their writing skills.