Student Success

Everyone you encounter at BW is working toward one goal: YOUR SUCCESS! We're on a mission to support you, challenge you and empower you...from the first day you join our community, until you reach the finish line(s) you set for yourself.

You'll find a special emphasis and helpful resources to help you transition to college and navigate your undergraduate experience with successful results.

Take advantage of the BW success toolkit!


Your academic advisor at Baldwin Wallace will help you develop a strategy and a roadmap for success. Your advisor can serve as a sounding board as you make decisions about your academic, career and personal goals. You'll also learn to utilize powerful resources and tools that will help you make solid choices for your future.

First-Year Experience

The First-Year Experience (FYE) class provides you the opportunity to discuss fascinating subjects while you develop all-important college success skills like critical thinking and communication. Within this small class, you'll strengthen your intellectual curiosity, forge campus connections and learn how to thrive in the BW community.

Learning Center

BW's Learning Center provides innovative, diverse support programs, services and resources that boost your development as a scholar and promote academic excellence. Tutoring services in a range of subject areas are available for all undergraduates at no additional fee. One-to-one academic coaching, designed to develop personalized study strategies, also is available.

Writing Lab

The Writing Lab offers resources to boost your writing skills and assist with the written projects required in your academic coursework. You'll work with professional tutors, on a one-time or continuing basis, gaining support for generating a thesis or developing and organizing ideas, as well as working on documentation, style and mechanics. You'll also find a library of writing references.

Jacket Link Bridge

Jacket Link/Bridge is a summer program that equips incoming first-year students with tools and resources to jumpstart the first-year experience. Preceding the freshman Week of Welcome (WOW), you'll spend a residential week on campus connecting with mentors, getting familiar with campus services and learning strategies to successfully transition from high school to college.