Guest Student Admission

Transient Students

The transient student application allows students from another college or university to enroll at BW for one semester, with the purpose of transferring that coursework back to their home institution.

Students often apply to BW as a Transient Student when they are home for the summer and want to take a course or two that will count toward their college degree. Sometimes students will be drawn to a specific BW course that isn't offered at their own college or university. Or you may find an online course offered through BW that you'd like to take as a Transient Student and incorporate it into your college degree elsewhere. Whatever the reason, a BW admission counselor will be happy to work with you.


Transient students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and be considered in good academic standing at their home institution. If you have been placed on probation, suspension or dismissed by a college or university, that information must be disclosed for consideration by the Admission Committee.