Student Life at BW

LGBT Students

LGBT Student Services Resources, (440) 826-2404, (440) 826-3484 (fax)
Student Life Center, 2nd Floor Union (Strosacker Hall)

Are you...
gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning your sexual orientation or gender identity?

Are you...
straight but looking for an environment in which all people are treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity?

Are you...
considering Baldwin Wallace University?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we want you to know that you are welcome and you should feel at home here! Baldwin Wallace University was one of the first institutions of higher education in Ohio to admit students regardless of gender or race. Since that time, the University has continued to nurture a spirit of inclusivity. This willingness to embrace diversity extends to LGBT individuals and is exemplified in the University's LGBT-friendly programs, protections and policies:

Safe Zone Project

The Safe Zone project at Baldwin Wallace is a visible sign of the institution’s commitment to creating and sustaining an environment of support, respect and dignity for all members of the campus community. Safe Zone stickers signify an individual who has been trained to provide resources for students within the LGBT community. Areas on campus displaying the Safe Zone stickers are easily identifiable places for LGBT individuals to turn and be assured of understanding and support. Safe Zone sticker holders include faculty and staff who have confirmed their support and affirmation of the LGBT community by attending a 2-hour training session and agreeing to display a sticker in their office. 

More information about the Safe Zone project

For Faculty and Staff: Training sessions began during the spring semester of 2017.

Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

Baldwin Wallace University affirms our commitment to diversity in a variety of forms. Gender-inclusive restrooms may be used by any person regardless of gender identity or expression.

Gender-inclusive restroom map 

Community Standards of Conduct

BW requires that all members of the university community and its guests be treated with dignity and respect as stated in this policy.


Baldwin Wallace University is committed to serving the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning students. In keeping with the University's belief in the dignity and worth of all members of our campus community, BW supports and affirms students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

BW provides programming, resources, support and networking opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning students, as well as for straight supporters. In accordance with the University's mission to prepare students to become contributing, compassionate citizens, we encourage all members of the campus community to promote social justice and eliminate discrimination in all its forms.

Students who have been a victim of a bias incident or hate crime are encouraged to report the incident immediately.


Allies is the on-campus organization for straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students to come together in an accepting, open environment and discuss issues that are of importance to the gay and straight communities. The focus of Allies is outreach and education.


Baldwin Wallace University offers two scholarships for members of the LGBT community and their supporters.

The LGBT Scholarship is graciously funded by BW alumnus and attorney John Kropf and his wife, Judy. The scholarship is awarded annually to a full-time student member of the LGBT community who has attained junior or senior status and has demonstrated financial need.

The BW Humanitarian Award for Social Justice was instituted by Professor David Prok, a retired member of BW's department of sociology. The award is given annually to members of the BW campus community who make BW more hospitable, safe and accepting of minority members at the University.