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First-Year & Transfer Students

Effective Fall 2015*, new students matriculating into BW and participating in the ROTC program would qualify for the following BW benefit(s)**:

First year (freshman status) – $2,500 BW ROTC credit for BW Room and Board

Second year (sophomore status) when “Contracted” by ROTC – $5,000 BW ROTC credit for BW Room and Board (verification of Contracted status required)

Third year (junior status) – $7,500 BW ROTC credit for BW Room and Board

Fourth year (senior status) – $10,000 BW ROTC credit for BW Room and Board

Qualifying students must be in good academic and social standing at all times at BW. BW verifies ROTC standing each semester.

*Returning ROTC students will be grandfathered into the current program.

**One half of the annual amount of the BW ROTC room benefit will be applied in each semester (Fall/Spring) in which the student is an active participant in the ROTC training program. If a student is no longer “active” or is no longer enrolled full-time (12 or more credits) at BW, the benefit will cease in the semester that follows when the student is no longer a full, active ROTC participant or is no longer enrolled on a full-time basis at BW.

Students need to follow the guidelines outlined below:

  1. Contact the ROTC recruiter or visit the ROTC website for the armed forces branch you are interested in pursuing. Be sure to research scholarship deadlines, enrollment dates, time requirements and location of each program. BW students attend ROTC programs at Kent State University (USAF) and John Carroll University (Army).
  2. Apply to Baldwin Wallace University.
  3. Students who enroll at BW must provide the Financial Aid Office with official verification of enrollment in the ROTC program at the beginning and end of each semester for up to eight semesters.
  4. When documentation verifying enrollment is received, the Financial Aid Office will authorize a room and board credit with the Bursar’s Office to the student billing account, as well as reflect the credit in the student's financial aid award.
  5. Students participating in the ROTC program are eligible to receive a BW ROTC credit for room and board for up to eight semesters while enrolled full-time at BW.
  6. If the student receives a ROTC scholarship from the school in which the student is participating in ROTC, then any BW merit awards that may have been awarded, would now become "honorary" awards, in name only. This is because the ROTC scholarship normally has a much larger tuition value, making the need for additional merit awards unnecessary in paying for the student's cost of tuition.
  7. Students may also apply for other need-based financial assistance by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), as well as receive any additional external scholarships.

Students can transfer college credit to BW upon successful completion of the following coursework:

Air Force ROTC Equivalencies

Course NameTransfer Course NameTransfer Course Title
LDR-STUAF 301Leadership Studies I
LDR-STUAF 302Leadership Studies II
LDR-STUMSC 201Team Leadership I
LDR-STUMSC 202Team Leadership II
PE 131AF 301Advanced Physical Conditioning
PE 133AF 302Advanced Leadership in Physical Training

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