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ROTC Scholarship

Baldwin Wallace University is committed to providing a scholarship that assists with room and meal costs for any semesters in which the full-time student is an active participant in the ROTC training program. Annual amounts increase from $2,500 to $10,000 by your senior year, with half of the annual amount being applied in fall and spring.

If you receive a ROTC scholarship from the school in which you are participating in ROTC, then any BW merit awards that may have been awarded, would become "honorary" awards, in name only.

Below you'll find details about the BW ROTC credit for room and board that you would receive each year. Verification of contracted status is required and BW verifies ROTC standing each semester. Qualified students must be in good academic and social standing with BW at all times. Learn more about BW's ROTC program.

Year ROTC Credit (Room and Board)
First Year (Freshman Status) $2,500
Second Year (Sophomore Status) $5,000
Third Year (Junior Status) $7,500
Fourth Year (Senior Status) $10,000

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