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Ovation 2021 Day of Excellence puts BW student success in the spotlight

Ovation 2021 Day of ExcellenceBaldwin Wallace's Ovation 2021 Day of Excellence was held as a virtual event this year, but the student success highlighted throughout the day was no less stellar than in the past.

Ovation is open to BW students in all majors and programs. It seeks to celebrate academic achievement and elevate awareness regarding the scholarly and creative endeavors of BW students who make an original contribution to a discipline or career field.

Variety of Virtual Presentations

Photo of BW Bach Festival as Female-Centered Cultural Process presentationThe Ovation annual celebration of student achievement included more than 50 student projects in the areas of health, education, music, STEM, business, science, mathematics, computing and social sciences.

The projects were presented online with videos and posters, and viewers were able to submit comments and questions from 10 a.m. until noon. Presentations are available for viewing until May 1.

Soapbox Passions

Photo of Ovation Soapbox

The ever-popular "Ovation Soapbox" was live streamed by the BW Brain Center for Community Engagement.

Students got up on the Ovation Soapbox and advocated for issues they feel passionate about. Topics included hunger, mental health, identity awareness and more.

Recordings of all the presentations are available on the Brain Center's Facebook page at

2021 Ovation Winners

A virtual opening ceremony and presentation of honors awards opened the day. Below are the students who were recognized.

Student Recognition

Will Richmond Prize in Photography
Steve Schuster

Ryan R. Cross '97 Scholarship
Gregory Steinberger

Susan Zanetti Family Scholarship
Arundhati Gupta

Melissa Trifiletti Award in Women's Leadership
Salayna Hritz

A. Fred Crossman Leadership Prize
Bryce Kessler

The Professor David Prok Humanitarian Award for Social Justice in Sex and Gender Diversity
Emily Hathcock

Outstanding Senior Awards - Class of 2021
Hana Najm
Erin Neff
Aubrey Baumler
Justin Lew
Emma Hubbard
Clare Helmer
Haley Wieszczecinski
Elijah Green
Stanley Bleich
Chris Bradshaw

Academic Recognition

Carmel Family Business Scholarship
Gregory Steinberger

The Dr. Sardari L. and Sunita Arora Scholarship
Bryan Parnitzke

The Lauria Concerto Competition
Jacob Kaminski

The Mel & Jenna Hakola Prize for Academic and Vocal Excellence
Colette Caspari

Pavsek Award for Excellence in Economics
Corey Friedrich

Thomas "Jake" Beyer Award
Caroline Pali

Suzanne Claflin Strew Dance Scholarship
Jimmy Contakis
Julia Confer

The Dr. Lee J. Tressel Scholarship
Kamaria Montgomery

Lillian and Larry D. Bibbee Scholarship
Kiliyah Mair

John F. and Ida E. Gibler Scholarship
Anxhela Dalipi
Heather Guiley

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