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BW business professor Param Srikantia takes popular talk to TEDx

Param Srikantia presents at TEDx SyracuseSeasoned BW School of Business professor Param Srikantia is much more than your typical educator. Now, he can add "TEDx Talker" to his long list of accomplishments.

In addition to a deep professional business and academic resume, Srikantia, a former television host in India, knows how to entertain and energize a live audience.

Over the years, he has gained traction for various iterations of a seminar series that started out as a popular presentation to the BW MBA Association titled "Why Life Sucks." Branching out from there, Srikantia has presented to more than 25,000 participants with talks in Cleveland, Boston, New York, Washington, Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and San Francisco.

Seeing human potential in a different light

Param Srikantia presents at TEDx SyracuseSrikantia's aim is to get people to realize that what they should truly be searching for in life is not the extraordinary, but rather what they already have inside of themselves.

"The common thread in my seminars is the use of diverse methods and perspectives from across the world that enable us to tap into the deepest reservoirs of human potential," he says.

After years of growing his audience, Srikantia was chosen to give a highly condensed version of "Why Life Sucks" at TEDx Syracuse University in New York.

And the invitations to speak keep rolling in, with the World Bank Group/IMF and the Economic Research Service of the FDA among those reaching out to book him.

Of course, BW business students can soak up the wisdom of "Param" simply by signing up for one of his classes.

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