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BW education grad moves into school administration role

Photo of Amanda IrwinTeaching experience coupled with a Master of Arts in Education in School Leadership from Baldwin Wallace helped Amanda Irwin, MAEd '19, transition smoothly from classroom to school administration. In July, Irwin takes on the role of director of primary school at Old Trail School in Bath, Ohio, where she currently teaches kindergarten. In this new role, Irwin will be responsible for programming preschool through second grade.

BW boost toward a "successful transition"

The MAEd program at BW afforded Irwin many opportunities which helped prepare her for her new role. "The school leadership internship at BW truly set the stage for my future success," Irwin shared. "Through the various projects, I expanded my background knowledge of my institution, shifted how I was perceived by parents, faculty and administration, and developed my ability to lead other educators.

"The skills and knowledge I gained through the internship set me apart from other candidates and ultimately led to my successful transition into administration," said Irwin.

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