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Volume 48, No. 2 and Volume 49, No. 1


Christina Fuhrmann

Gustav Leonhardt: A Remembrance in the Year of his Ninetieth Birthday

The Leonhardt Connection: From Sweelinck to Bach-Links and Gaps Between Historic "Makers of Organists"
Christoph Wolff

Gustav Leonhardt's Role in the Invention of Historically Informed Performance
John Butt

Imagination on Fire: A Remembrance of Gustav Leonhardt
Jeanette Sorrell

Reminiscences of Three Performers and an Instrument Maker
Peter Wolf

Gustav Leonhardt as a Teacher
Ton Koopman


On the Protestant Roots of Gustav Leonhardt's Performance Style
Jed Wentz

Georg Böhm's Keyboard Music: Questions of Authorship and Connections with the Music of J. S. Bach
Pieter Dirksen

J. S. Bach's Chorale-Based Pedagogy: Origins and Continuity
Robin A. Leaver and Derek Remeš


The Routledge Research Companion to Johann Sebastian Bach ed. Robin A. Leaver
Review by Bettina Varwig

Bach's Major Vocal Works: Music, Drama, Liturgy by Markus Rathey
Review by Alannah Rebekah Franklin

Beyond Bach: Music and Everyday Life in the Eighteenth Century by Andrew Talle
Review by Barbara M. Reul