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Frank Paino, M.D. Scholarship

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Frank Paino, M.D. headshotThe Frank Paino, M.D. Scholarship was established in 1998 by his children, Frank and Gerrie Paino, to honor the memory of their father. As graduates of Baldwin Wallace University, Dr. Paino's children feel their father's commitment to excellence in education is suitably perpetuated by this scholarship. A loving father, devoted physician, distinguished gentleman, and extraordinary human being, Dr. Paino lived his life with indomitable strength of spirit and an inexhaustible desire to continue to expand his learning. In his capacities as father, healer, teacher, and medical pioneer, he touched and positively affected innumerable lives. It is the hope of his children that those receiving this scholarship will follow in the footsteps of their father, striving for excellence and integrity in all they do.

Recipients of the Frank Paino, M.D. Scholarship intend to pursue careers in medicine, have a record of community service and demonstrate academic excellence and financial need.

Recipients of the Frank Paino, M.D. Scholarship

Sarah Kittelberger

Sarah Kittelberger
2023-24 Recipient
Class of 2024, public health major and biology minor, Columbia Station, Ohio

"I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to receive the scholarship that honors your father. Dedicated physicians like him drew me into this field in the first place. As I go through this medical journey, I will forever remember that both your father’s and your kindness helped me succeed. I will do all I can to honor your names during my time in medicine." -Sarah

Donavan O'Brien

Donavan O'Brien
2022-23 Recipient
Class of 2023, public health major and biology minor, Toledo, Ohio

"This scholarship supports my experiences at BW, all of which have further instilled the desire to become a physician and be a resource for my community. The next steps are to finish my last year at BW with the goals of continued academic excellence and community leadership, to continue working as a research student at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Institute, and then to attend Northeast Ohio Medical College for medical school as I have been accepted there as part of their early assurance program." -Donavan

Photo of Jake Mansell

Jacob Mansell
2021-22 Recipient
Class of 2023, neuroscience major and chemistry minor, North Ridgeville, Ohio

"Baldwin Wallace has given me so many fantastic opportunities to help support our community and to grow personally, academically and professionally. More importantly, BW has solidified my calling to pursue medicine. I wish I could become half the doctor that Dr. Paino was in both his personal and professional life. I am confident that BW will continue to prepare me for a career in medicine and instill the quality of being a lifelong learner." - Jacob

Portrait of Hunter Welch

Hunter Welch
2020-21 Recipient
Class of 2022, public health and biology major, Lower Salem, Ohio

"I am grateful and honored to be the recipient of the Frank Paino, MD Scholarship in memory of your father. I know I have never met him, but knowing he was a physician and a father, I am sure he was a hardworking man driven by compassion. This scholarship is a blessing to me as I am paying for my own education, working towards a career where I can help people as a primary care physician in a rural, underserved area. Your scholarship is not only helping me financially but helping all my future patients." - Hunter

Bethany Thomas headshot

Bethany Thomas
2019-20 Recipient
Class of 2019, biology and neuroscience major, Lakewood, Ohio

"When I received my diploma from Baldwin Wallace in the spring of 2019, I became the first member of my family to graduate from college. I was accepted into the physician assistant program at BW and began the program shortly after graduation. If there is one lesson that I have learned in my life, it is that there is always a way. I have figured out ways to excel, no matter the obstacles, and I will succeed as a physician assistant. I feel honored that my work as a physician assistant will contribute to the legacy of the Paino family." - Bethany

Adam Butler headshot

Adam Butler
2018-19 Recipient
Class of 2019, biology major, Warren, Ohio

"My experiences at BW in and out of the classroom have not only allowed me to positively impact the lives of others, they have also led to the cultivation of invaluable skills and knowledge that I can use to help make this world a better place. As I continue my journey to become a physician, I will strive to embody the exceptional spirit of Dr. Paino, and I will devote my life to leaving a positive mark on the world, just as he did." - Adam

Bailee D'Amore headshot

Bailee D'Amore
2017-18 Recipient
Class of 2018, public health major, McDonald, Ohio

"Just like Dr. Paino, I hope to positively touch the lives of many. This past semester in particular provided me a great opportunity to do so. As a volunteer at The LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland, I had the pleasure to help with their youth program and interact with those who participate. I had the opportunity to write a grant proposal for the first time, which was fully funded. This year, I am a fellow with BW's David and Frances Brain Center for Community Engagement and have the opportunity to work on a social change project for the community. These opportunities are equipping me with the types of skills necessary to impact a diverse community in a positive way and are advancing me towards my dream of being a physician." - Bailee

Nathan Katz headshot

Nathan Katz
2016-17 Recipient
Class of 2017, public health major, Columbus, Ohio

"I will use all of my experiences from my time at Baldwin Wallace to aid me in my next step to becoming a physician, being admitted into the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. My goal is ultimately to become a primary care doctor who has a lengthened relationship with his patients in order to better maintain their health over the course of many years. In addition to this goal, I would like to use my medical degree to assist in the betterment of population health through work with health departments." - Nathan