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Gifts that Help Today

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Annual Fund contributions not only help bridge the gap between tuition revenue and the increasing cost of operating the University, but they provide support for programs that enhance the overall student experience. Think of it like a checking account that helps purchase the day-to-day items needed to make BW great.

Last year, nearly 5,000 alumni and friends made gifts to the University. Collectively, these partners contributed close to $1.3 million to the University to continue BW's quality education and provide new opportunities for growth.

Annual Fund dollars support a wide variety of projects and programs around campus, including:

  • Student financial aid
  • Student government and organized campus activities
  • Social and cultural events
  • Student services and internship opportunities
  • Exceptional staff and faculty development
  • Institutional support and maintenance

Best of all, the BW Annual Giving Program allows you the flexibility to support what matters most to YOU by designating your gift to one of six funds, or allow the University to apply your gift to the area of greatest need from student projects to equipment purchases to library acquisitions.

Every year, Annual Giving involves a wide variety of initiatives in order to reach out to our 45,000 alumni and friends, including:

  • 50th Reunion Giving
  • Heart of BW Faculty and Staff Campaign
  • Young Alumni Giving
  • Student Giving

If you have any questions regarding Annual Giving or our programs, please contact us at (440) 826-2135 or