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Ben Caskey '22 Memorial Scholarship

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The Ben Caskey '22 Memorial Scholarship supports students who, like Ben, have overcome adversity while maintaining a positive attitude and appreciation for life.

Ben was born August 5, 1999 with Heterotaxy Syndrome, a condition that resulted in only two chambers in his heart and several vital organs on the opposite side of his body. From the beginning, his prognosis was not good. Before he was born and into his first days of life, staff from the Cleveland Plain Dealer followed his parents Barb and Tim to document their experience and hopefully help other families who might be going through similar experiences. A three-day article in the Plain Dealer called "Saving Baby Ben" was the result.

Photo of Ben CaskeyThanks to the devotion of many doctors, nurses, medical staff and the love of his family, Ben thrived. Those who loved him were blessed with the gift of his life for 22 years. While he grew up with some restrictions, he was, for the most part, an average kid who enjoyed a normal life. He loved his sisters, Cameron and Claire, family vacations to Tappan Lake and Cape Cod, family parties, poker, playing percussion in the Bay High Marching Band, participating in sports and was a dedicated fan of the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Browns.

Ben's love for sports led him to major in sport management at Baldwin Wallace, where he was set to graduate in May 2022. He spent three summers working for the Lake Erie Crushers, first as an intern then as a bat boy. In summer 2021, he worked at his dream job in fan services for the Cleveland Indians. He was also a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and enjoyed many wonderful friendships during his years at BW. Watch a video featuring images of Ben from childhood through his time at BW.

Despite the hardships and limitations of his condition, Ben was a bright and kind soul with a twinkle in his eyes and glowing smile. He was known for being positive, courageous, a true miracle, a fighter, thoughtful, never complaining, and an example of unconditional kindness and selfless love. Sadly, Ben passed away on October 1, 2021 due to complications from his medical condition.

Please make a gift in Ben's memory to support BW students who have faced challenges yet are an amazing and inspiring gift to those around them.

  • Photo of Ben Caskey as a Baby

    Baby Ben at a check-up with his mom Barb and Dr. Chandrakant Patel, his cardiologist.

  • Photo of Ben with Dad

    Young Ben with his dad, Tim.

  • Photo of Ben Caskey with Cake

    Ben celebrating his 22nd birthday in August 2021.

  • Photo of Ben Caskey with Siblings

    The Caskey kids: Ben, Cameron and Claire.

  • Photo of Ben Caskey at a Formal

    Ben with members of the Delta Zeta Sorority: Ashley Platt, Morgan Gilbert, Courtney Hoffner, Abbey Brokaw, Janie Kalivaci and Olivia Plunkett.

  • Ben Caskey Sigma Phi Epsilon

    Ben with his Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers Logan Snow, Gavin Tyna and Eddie Schartman, taken on September 25, 2021.