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Career Planning: Getting Started Now

Most students enter college with a limited idea of career options available to them. Once here, they begin a process of self-discovery that builds over the years.

Some students erroneously believe their first visit to the BW Career Center should be in their senior year when it is time for resume writing and polishing interview skills.

In truth, students should annually visit this valuable resource and guidance area. It offers programs, workshops and services that can benefit students with self-discovery, career exploration, resume writing, and job and internship searches.

Other steps students can take for career success include:

Explore Options

  • Be open-minded in picking a major, even if you have declared one
  • Meet with a career center advisor to discuss career interests
  • Talk with an academic advisor about the education and skills needed for a particular job
  • Do online research on careers and occupational outlooks
  • Visit the career center for resources that can help you identify career options

Take Action

  • Participate in co-curricular activities to build leadership, communication and teamwork skills
  • Do service activities in areas relating to career interests
  • Attend a resume writing clinic and other career center workshops
  • Contact family, friends and BW alumni who are in careers of interest to do informational interviews and job shadowing
  • Peruse the BW Career Network, which utilizes career development platform Handshake to link students to a powerful network of national internship and job opportunities

Look Ahead

  • Think about internship and summer job opportunities
  • Seek diversity initiatives (study abroad, foreign language) that will enhance your career marketability
  • Join professional organizations related to your career interests to facilitate networking
  • Read professional trade publications and newsletters
  • Pursue mentoring opportunities with professors, career professionals and others