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Staying on Track for Graduation

Through academic advising appointments and online record-keeping tools that facilitate efficient and effective student planning, BW students can easily stay on track for a timely graduation.

Students are encouraged to regularly visit their academic advisors to review coursework, discuss co-curricular, study abroad and experiential learning activities, and plan ahead for graduate school, employment or other post-graduation opportunities. Among tips students can employ for graduating on time include:

  • Carefully reviewing the college catalog and knowing all requirements for graduation
  • Taking an average of 15 credit hours each semester
  • Registering for classes as early as possible to avoid getting shut out of required courses
  • Being diligent in completing academic requirements (core classes) during the first and second year
  • Paying attention to prerequisites needed for upper-level courses
  • Avoiding the need to drop courses unless necessary
  • Taking courses that meet more than one requirement (core as well as for a major) whenever possible
  • Considering summer school for needed coursework or to lessen the load during the school year