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Exciting Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

Dynamic and engaging, experiential learning is at the heart of a liberal arts education because it unites knowledge, ideas and perspectives with real-world application.

Baldwin Wallace has an experiential learning requirement that helps students connect their classroom experiences to practical learning opportunities. It also helps students boost their resumes.

Experiential opportunities can include academics/research, internships, explorations/study abroad, service learning and more.

Through these initiatives, your student may work alongside a professor doing complex research, journey overseas to experience cultural assimilation firsthand, study the local effects of inner-city poverty or intern at a multinational company. 

Experiential learning opportunities provide students with meaningful, practical experiences in which knowledge gained from coursework and classroom studies is transferred to real-world applications and vice versa.


Regardless of your student's interest, he or she can pursue research in collaboration with faculty mentors.

At BW integrating studies with engaging initiatives is at the heart of learning experiences, such as:

  • BW's Undergraduate Research and Creative Studies, a program that encourages students to work with faculty in examining, creating and sharing theories and knowledge in the areas of research, scholarship and other creative endeavors.

  • Summer Scholars, a living-learning program open to students of all majors. Students pursue a research or creative project of their own design under faculty guidance. Scholars live on campus together for ten weeks, share information and gain interdisciplinary insights beneficial to their studies.


Whether paid or unpaid, internships are opportunities for your student to identify career and academic-related interests, test social skills and work competencies, and obtain real-world experiences that can boost his/her resume and foster important networking contacts. In addition, your student can gain personal and professional attributes that can benefit him/her in first as well as in subsequent jobs.

Students are encouraged to begin their internship experiences as early as their sophomore year.  Assistance in locating a meaningful internship can be obtained through your student's faculty advisor as well as advisors in the Office of Career Services.

Explorations/Study Abroad

Whether your student's motivations include personal growth, academic enrichment, career preparation or some combination of these factors, study abroad can be an affordable and important addition to your student's college experience. Whether your student is interested in participating in a two-week program or spending a semester at a partner institution in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia or South America, he/she is encouraged to explore the full range of year-round study abroad programs offered through BW.

With regard to financial aid eligibility, a student who is studying abroad through BW is treated the same as an on-campus BW student, provided he/she is participating in an Exploration/Study Abroad Office-approved program. When there are program costs in addition to standard BW tuition, room and board expenses, a student is automatically considered for a Study Abroad Grant, provided the student's current financial aid eligibility includes need-based assistance (based on the FAFSA). This review also takes into consideration miscellaneous expenses directly related to studying aboard (which can provide additional loan eligibility). An updated Financial Aid Award letter is sent to the student once the review has been completed.

Service Learning

In the past several years, service learning has grown rapidly at college campuses throughout the nation. A dynamic initiative, it integrates coursework with service experiences as a way to foster introspection, build knowledge and create an understanding of societal issues.

At BW the Office of Community Outreach coordinates multiple service learning opportunities that enhance learning, foster civic awareness and responsibility, and engage students with their communities and the world.

Students interested in taking courses that incorporate service learning can contact the Office of Community Outreach.