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Baldwin Wallace's impressive hands-on research opportunities and rigorous science program provide an outstanding foundation for graduate studies in dentistry.

The pre-dentistry program features BW's strong liberal arts-based core curriculum and comprehensive science coursework.

You'll benefit from small class sizes, individual attention and faculty mentoring. Hands-on learning is inherent to the program.

In the University's science complex, BW has technologically advanced classrooms and labs that provide engaged learning experiences.

Also within the complex are specialty labs for student-faculty research. These facilities offer collaborative opportunities for you to delve into topics of interest and experience what it's like to do graduate-level research.

Baldwin Wallace's liberal arts-based core is an enriching combination of classes that benefit you personally and professionally. You'll gain insights and skills in communication, critical thinking and problem solving that prepare you for success in a constantly changing health care environment.

BW's pre-dentistry program allows you to major in any area while fulfilling the following requirements:

  • one year of General Biology
  • one year of General Chemistry
  • one year of General Physics
  • one year of Organic Chemistry
  • one year of English
  • Microbiology
  • Gross Anatomy
  • Biochemistry

The following courses are recommended:

  • Calculus I
  • Introductory Psychology
  • Human Physiology

Growing Career Field

Modern dentistry is an expansive career field that goes beyond check-ups and filling teeth. Current patient management involves aesthetic enhancement, implant technologies and even surgical facial reconstruction. Clinical and laboratory research is also an important part of this profession.

Graduate School Research Opportunities

What does it mean to gain graduate school experiences at the undergraduate level? At BW, opportunities can be found throughout the biology complex.

In the gross anatomy lab, students can examine a cadaver while their professor looks on. Midway into the lesson, he directs their attention to magnified images of an abdominal cavity being displayed on multiple large projection screens positioned within the room. Ceiling-mounted cameras capture every move. An overhead surgical light illuminates the subject, adding to the feeling of being in an operating room of a teaching hospital.

Hands-on opportunities like these give BW students an advantage because at many schools students perform cadaver dissection only at the post-graduate level.

Baldwin Wallace's Pre-Medical Society

Delta Omega Chi, Pre-Medical Society, sponsors medically related volunteer activities, guest speakers, tours to institutions with professional programs, and mentoring with pre-medical upperclassmen and the faculty advisor. This organization is ideal for students interested in health care professions such as physicians, physician assistants and dentists.