Safety and Security


(440) 826-2000 (Emergency)
(440) 826-2336 (Non-Emergency)

Office Hours

Open 24 hours a day

Campus Location

Tudor House
296 Beech St.
Berea, OH 44017-2088

Crime and Fire Statistics

About the Department

The Department is coordinated by the Director of Safety and Security, Gary Black, and is comprised of a full-time investigator, three full-time security supervisors, four full-time security officers, part-time security officers, one secretary, and one part-time dispatcher.

Berea Police Officers are also employed by Baldwin Wallace Safety and Security to patrol the campus during the school year, and to work special events throughout the year. These officers act in their capacity as Berea Police Officers with arrest authority while patrolling campus and working special events. The Officers wear Berea Police uniforms and operate Berea Police vehicles while working for Baldwin Wallace.

Baldwin Wallace has had an excellent relationship with the Berea Police for many years. In 1993, the Safety and Security Department entered into a "memorandum of understanding" with the Berea Police. This agreement states that BW Safety and Security will provide the Berea Police Detective Bureau with information regarding "all felony crimes...and all instances of serious physical injury to victims occurring on Baldwin Wallace University property during the previous twenty-four hours". This agreement also states that Safety and Security will deliver copies of incident reports involving "misdemeanor arrests and crimes of interest" to the Berea Police. The Berea Police also agree to provide Safety and Security with the aforementioned information and reports within 24 hours. Both departments also agree to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner when assisting each other in any investigation.