(440) 826-2337

Mail Center


(440) 826-2337

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Campus Location

Bonds Hall
275 Eastland Rd.
Berea, OH 44017-2088

Mail and Packages for Students

The mail center receives student mail and packages, distributing mail every weekday to students' secured mailboxes in their residence halls. Packages are kept in the mail center in Bonds Hall for pick-up. Students are notified by email when a package is received. Outgoing mail pick up is also available to students.

BW Smart Lockers, located outside Bonds Hall near the loading dock, provide 24/7 easy pickup of packages delivered to students at BW. Smart lockers are safe, secure and fast. Students can contact the mail center at (440) 826-2337 with questions.

Mailing Address for Students

For all BW locations (except Hamilton House and Berea Townhouses), mail is delivered by campus personnel:

First and Last Name
275 Eastland Road
Building Name, Room Number
Berea, Ohio 44017

For Hamilton House and Berea Townhouses, mail is delivered by the U.S. Postal Service:

Student Name
Building Street Address, Apt. Number
Berea, OH 44017-(+ 4 number)

LocationStreet Address+ 4 Number
21 Beech21 Beech St.2001
Amelia Harding House77 W. Bagley Rd.1939
Carmel125 E. Grand St.2052
Constitution (specify East or West)144 Tressel St.2054
Davidson Commons63 Beech St.2059
Ernsthausen (specify A, B, C or D)84 Tressel St.2177
Findley265 Beech St.1209
Floreske Apts219 Seminary St.1958
Hamilton House Apt (specify A or B)375 Front St. (specify apt)1707
Hamilton House Apt (specify C or D)381 Front St. (specify apt)1710
Hamilton House Apt E15, 17, 19 or 21 W. Fifth St.1722
Heritage (specify A ,B, C, D or E)114 Tressel St.2054
Kohler65 Seminary St.1905
Lang253 Beech St.1209
North309 Beech St.1232
Berea Townhouses (WEST Section)66 E. Bridge St. (specify 11 - 14)2119
 70 E. Bridge St. (specify 21 - 26)2150
 74 E. Bridge St. (specify 31 - 36)2175
 78 E. Bridge St. (specify 40 - 46)2178
Berea Townhouses (EAST Section)82 E. Bridge St. (specify 50 - 56)2179
 86 E. Bridge St. (specify 61 -66)2180
 90 E. Bridge St. (specify 71 -76)2181
 94 E. Bridge St. (specify 81 - 84)2182
House345 Beech St.1232

Mail and Packages for Faculty and Staff

Mail and packages sent to faculty and staff at Baldwin Wallace should be addressed as follows:
Recipient Name
Baldwin Wallace University
275 Eastland Rd.
Berea, OH 44017-2088

Mail Center Staff

Tony Baisden
(440) 826-2486

Robert Mizer
Postal Specialist
(440) 826-2337

Stacey Raymond
Postal Specialist