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Baldwin Wallace University will be as supportive and accommodating as possible for those students who must withdraw in a given semester because they have been called to active military duty. Exceptions to this policy are determined by the Dean of Student’s Office.

Any student who is called to active military duty should present his/her active duty orders to the Office of the Dean of Students. Depending on the activation date and the judgment of the individual faculty, the student has several options regarding the completion of coursework.

  • A student may request a withdrawal. The withdrawal will be retroactive to the beginning of the term. A student may do a complete withdrawal resulting in all tuition charges removed. A student may do a partial withdrawal, receiving “W” grades in some courses. Full-time students will not receive a refund if the “W” grades result in part-time status.
  • A student may request an “Incomplete” to be decided by the individual instructors. There will not be any tuition adjustment for courses assigned “I” grades and the student will have six weeks into the next term of enrollment to complete the “I” grade.
  • A student may request final grades at the discretion of individual faculty members. Faculty and students would also have the option of turning the grade into satisfactory/unsatisfactory if departure occurs prior to final exams. Tuition is not adjusted.

In all of the above cases, all room charges will be prorated. The University would not charge a student carrying charges on back balances while he/she is in the military.

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