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Parents & Family

Protecting Your Student

Emergency response initiatives are in place at BW should a potential crisis situation occur. In addition to our own Safety and Security Department, BW has ongoing initiatives with the Berea Police, Southwest Enforcement Bureau (a SWAT unit), Berea fire marshal, and the FBI.

Campus Safety and Security

BW's 12-member Department of Safety and Security is augmented with a student auxiliary staff that helps patrol the campus and provide escort to anyone on a 24-7 basis. Their reach is extended by more than 100 viewable, recording security cameras and nine emergency phones in high-traffic campus areas. A shared radio communication system puts 60 more individuals in instant contact with the security dispatcher.

Solid Relationships with Local Authorities

Berea Police officers help patrol the campus at night and have access to many of the campus buildings. In addition, BW has had a shared radio frequency with local authorities for over a decade. Consequently, local police know the campus very well and are able to respond immediately if needed. In addition to on-campus training, BW staff members regularly train with the Southwest Enforcement Bureau-a 19-community SWAT unit-and the Berea fire marshal.

Ongoing Network of Communications

Prior to the start of each semester, students are asked to confirm course registration. Referred to as "check-in", students have the opportunity to review and update their cell phone number and other important data. This information is crucial to BW's communications network and for times when mass communication via text messaging is needed. Likewise, students are encouraged to submit and regularly update parent information (email and phone numbers) as part of the check-in process. This information is used to communicate with parents, particularly in emergency situations.

On campus, emergency telephones, which have public address capability, are installed in each classroom and laboratory along with instructions for getting help in emergencies.

Listing an Emergency Contact

Students can list a confidential emergency contact person during registration check-in. Only authorized campus officials and law enforcement officers can access to this data. The contact person will be notified if a student has been missing for over 24 hours. A student can contact the Office of Registration & Records to list or change the contact person.