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Freedom and Responsibility: Encouraging Positive Choices

For many students, college is a time of transformation that includes exploring values, opinions and presuppositions. Through this process, students develop a sense of identity that will benefit them in defining their personal, professional and career goals.

Along the way, some students may engage in behaviors that are risk-oriented. Whether the behaviors include drugs, alcohol, casual sex or other activities, it is important that students are aware of the risks they face as well as precautions they should take.

Misconceptions and Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is often a major force in influencing student attitudes and behaviors. Research has found that college students tend to overestimate peer involvement with alcohol, drugs and sex. These misconceptions can result in students:

  • Engaging in more high-risk behaviors because they want to be part of the crowd
  • Assuming they are invulnerable to harm because they believe others are not being adversely affected by risky actions

Ongoing Education

At BW, students receive information about the dangers of risky behavior through Orientation and Week of Welcome sessions, residence hall programming, special event speakers and other initiatives. BW's Health and Counseling Services offer opportunities for students to address physical, mental and emotional health issues.

It is important for students to stay informed of the many issues relating to socializing and dating in order to avoid misconstrued sexual advances, assault/rape, unplanned pregnancies or exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. Students also should be aware of the comprehensive resources and processes BW makes available to address campus safety.

Alcohol and drug use is another important topic. BW has policies that prohibit irresponsible and illegal alcohol and drug use. Students who violate the policies can be subjected to legal as well as BW-instituted consequences. In order to encourage student fun and recreation in a positive manner, BW campus groups sponsor a variety of social events and entertainment throughout the academic year.

Parent and Family Pointers

The following guidelines offer important information for student safety.

  • Students should be aware of circumstances surrounding parties they attend on or off campus. They should not accept beverages they did not see poured or are ones they are suspicious of in terms of contents or source.

  • Students should never walk alone at night and in remote or unlit areas. BW offers a free escort service. When it comes to safety, individuals should trust their instincts if they feel uncomfortable with persons, places or situations.

  • Friends should attend social gatherings together and watch out for one another, particularly if someone is leaving an event with an unknown person or disappears unexpectedly.