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Bach Festival Invention No. 2: Partita Americana

Bach Three-Part Invention

Featuring Fire & Grace & Ash (Edwin Huizinga, violin; William Coulter, guitar; and Ashley Hoyer, mandolin) in a program blending the music of J. S. Bach with American fiddle tunes.


The 2024 Bach Festival is pleased to present the Festival in 3 parts, or Inventions, with events in October, January and April.

Join us to experience Bach’s impact on music spanning generations. For more information about Bach Festival, visit


Can't make it to the performance in person? We've got you covered. A few minutes before the concert is scheduled to begin, simply click on the link below and be sure to adjust your speakers. Finally, sit back and enjoy the outstanding performance. Note: Live stream performances are not available for replay.


 Presented by the Kulas Foundation