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Ask Baldwin Wallace MBA Faculty

DECEMBER 6, 2023

6:15 p.m. Check-in
6:30 - 7:30 p.m. Panel Discussion
7:30 - 7:45 p.m. Networking

MBA Open House

Join us for a captivating panel discussion at our "Ask MBA Faculty" event, where some of our distinguished MBA faculty members will engage in a dynamic conversation about the program.

Our esteemed faculty will share insights into the MBA program, answer questions and provide valuable information about the curriculum, faculty expertise and the overall BW MBA experience. This is an excellent opportunity for prospective students to gain a deeper understanding of the program's unique features, ask specific questions and learn about the benefits of pursuing an MBA.

Through this panel discussion, we aim to facilitate a direct and personalized interaction between faculty members and potential students. Don't miss this chance to connect with our MBA faculty, explore the program and discover how it can shape your future.

This event is free and open to the public, but registration is required. Complimentary food and beverages will be provided.




Assistant Dean, Operations & Business Development, Baldwin Wallace University

Carmen Castro-Rivera currently serves as the Assistant Dean for Operations & Business Development in the BW Carmel Boyer School of Business. In this role, she leads daily staff operations and all aspects of business development, recruitment and admissions for graduate business programs, including marketing, student financial aid and enrollment. She has served as a board member of Esperanza Inc. for over six years and has served as board president since January 2022. 


Dr. Param SrikantiaDR. PARAM SRIKANTIA, Ph.D.

Professor, Management and Leadership, Baldwin Wallace University

Dr. Param Srikantia is a professor of the management and leadership department in the BW Carmel Boyer School of Business. Dr. Srikantia, a TEDx presenter and keynote speaker, is renowned for his captivating public seminars focusing on transforming personal and organizational consciousness.

Dr. Srikantia has authored over 35 scholarly papers in management and held leadership positions in six global conglomerates, including the World Bank Group and the Tata Group of Companies. His expertise has been recognized by the Institute for Management Studies (IMS), where he was invited to offer seminars alongside esteemed management educators, earning high praise for his contributions to the field.


Chair, Management and Leadership, Baldwin Wallace University

Dr. Mary Pisnar is a professor in the BW Carmel Boyer School of Business. Her areas of focus include management, marketing and human relations. Her research interests include organizational behavior, gender issues and labor relations.

Dr. Pisnar has published in Psychological Reports and has two other manuscripts under review by the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences and the British Journal of Industrial Relations. National conference presentations include the Academy of Management, the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists and the Institute for Behavioral Management. 

Dr. Christian NsiahDR. CHRISTIAN NSIAH, Ph.D.

Chair, Finance, Analytics and Economics, Baldwin Wallace University

Dr. Christian Nsiah is a professor of the finance, analytics and economics department in the BW Carmel Boyer School of Business. His specialty areas include international economics and finance and economic growth and development.

He also engages in consulting work in economic impact analysis and international investments. Currently, Dr. Nsiah is working on analyzing nonlinear relationships in economic development, international trade and corporate financial performance. He currently serves as the secretary/treasurer for the African Finance and Economics Association. He also serves as an editor for Cogent Economics Journal and dissertation examiner for universities in Ghana, India and South Africa.

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